1. Introduction

This work presents an offshore pipeline scour monitoring sensor network system based on active thermometry. As the thermal cables emit heats, the distributed DS18B20 digital temperature sensors record temperature information over time. The scour-induced exposure and free spanning can be identified by analysing the temperature curves. Pipeline exposure and free-spanning…


Fig 1. 4X4 Remotely Operated Vehicle with Pan Tilt Camera

On this tutorials we explore:


In this tutorial, we will combine what we have learned before, controlling our camera position through…

This article gives a brief description of handling webhook response and using this response further for automation.

Intercom is quite a familiar app used in the product industry, a place where you can interact with your clients. Intercom lets you play with your data through its webhook feature. You can forward data to your favorite apps or add more business logic. You are seven steps away from…

Mozahid Sufiyan

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